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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing allocation refund program

Instructions and Help about allocation refund program

Music in this video we will show you how to file a sales and use tax return with one selling location using your limited access code formerly Express login we protect all your confidential information throughout the filing process first go to the website CDT FAC a govt and at the top click login that will take you to the taxpayer online services portal there under the file a return heading select the type of return you need to file for this example we will be selecting sales and use tax here there are two ways you can file a return click the file a return blue button or under the heading limited access functions select file a return either way you'll be directed to the same page the file a return page select the type of return you need to file in this case we'll select the sales and use tax return link where we have two options to identify your sales and use tax account and proceed you can use your account number and limited access code which used to be your Express login or you can use your customer ID one of four selections in the drop down menu and your account number at this point click Next and proceed to filing your return on the select a filing period page select the period end date for which you are filing for this example we will click on September 30th 2021 which represents the third quarter end date the third quarter begins July 1st and ends on September 30th if you have never filed a return you will be prompted to answer questions related to your type of business activities after you have made your selections you will not see this screen again if you have filed a return with us in the past you will not see this screen on the sales and purchase information page enter your total gross sales if your total gross sales include sales taxes you have collected you may enter them as a deduction on the deductions page in this example we will enter one hundred and fifty thousand dollars in total gross sales which includes sales tax collected if you choose you can save your work at any time by clicking the save draft button enter your email address and then enter it again to confirm it the confirmation page will show your email address and a confirmation code you will need your email and confirmation code to retrieve your saved return so we recommend that you print this page now that you've saved your draft let's go back to filing your return click the continue editing button now we are back to your return click Next next you will see the State Fair sales page if you are a retailer who makes sales of tangible personal property on a state designated fairground you must enter the amount of sales here for this example we did not make any.

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